The end of a journey, the start of another

Upon several months in planning, we're handing over GrowersCoin to a new development team. This team is building a new cryptocurrency with a different focus but giving GRWI holders a chance to swap their coins for the new asset.

Say goodbye to GRWI and welcome Onix

Onix is a cryptocurrency with a focus on NFT based videogames. The underlying tech has many great features:

  • It is a Bitcoin/Ethereum hybrid with POS based mining.
  • It allows usage of Solidity compatible smart contracts.
  • It supports fungible and non-fungible tokens with a custom implementation based on the ERC20 and ERC721 standards.
  • It allows offline staking by delegating wallet addresses to "superstakers".

A swap is going to take place

Three teams are working on the migration of GrowersCoin to Onix: us, the Onix Team and Blockchain Financial.

The swap ratio will be 75:1 - for every GRWI you'll receive 75 ONIX.

This swap will take place in Blockchain Financial. You'll only need to deposit your GRWI in your BCF wallet and transfer them to a bot-controlled account. Immediately after receiving the GRWI, the bot will credit you the Onix straight to your account.

Once you get your Onix...

You better hold them, because the Onix team is going to give you a good reason to do it.

Now, holding the Onix in Blockchain Financial won't give you any rewards because all wallets have staking turned off for security reasons.

But if you download the Onix wallet and withdraw them from BCF, you'll be able to put them to stake with one of the SuperStakers that will be spawned for that specific purpose.

How to get started

We prepared a small FAQ with links to resources that will help you out:

  1. Is Onix detaching itself from the crypto-cannabis industry?
    • Yes. The focus of the new coin is going to be on NFT based videogames.

  2. Where can I find information about Onix?
  3. What's going to be the fiat price difference between Onix and GRWI?
    • Right now, GRWI is listed at Unnamed Exchange against Bitcoin at a buy rate of 0.00000010 BTC/GRWI (around $0.0061 USD/GRWI).
    • The last recorded price on BCF against Bitcoin (as pulled by BCF from CoinGecko) is 0.00002250 BTC/GRWI (around $1.38 USD/GRWI).
    • The GRWI/ONIX swap ratio is 75:1, that gives Onix a value of around 0.13 ONIX/GRWI or $0.018 USD/ONIX.
    • Thus, the team has agreed to honor the calculations above and make $0.018 USD/ONIX the starting price.
    • Note: Bitcoin price was considered at $61,000 USD/BTC at the time of the calculations.

  4. Is the swap going to have any fees at BCF?
    • No. The BCF team has agreed to remove any fees for this event.

  5. My GRWI wallet doesn't load.
    • Desktop wallets that have been staking for long might have issues when attempting to withdraw the coins.
    • We're driving support on this topic through our HelpDesk.
      Click here to submit a ticket. We'll get back at you as soon as possible.

Swap your GRWI now

Where to get help

All our websites have been taken down except the next ones:

  1. Our main website,
  2. Our helpdesk,
  3. The GRWI block explorer,
  4. GrowBot on the Grower Tools website.

We're available to answer questions, clear doubts and provide assistance to anyone that needs it over our helpdesk, so, whenever you need to get support, send us a message and we'll reply as soon as possible.