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GrowersCoin 1.2.1 released

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We haven't updated our wallet in a while, but there have been a few things needing to be addressed, so we put our hands down to it.

What changed

  • New DNS seed nodes have been injected.

    During the last month we had to switch servers, so the DNS seeds hardcoded in the wallet are no longer available. Though we published a list of addnodes, new GRWI users couldn't start to sync the blockchain out of the box.

    So we brought a DNS seeds server and hardcoded the hostnames of our new "root" blockchain nodes:
    • growerscoin-s1.grwi.io, hosted by us.
    • growerscoin-s2.grwi.io, also hosted by us.
    • growerscoin-bcf-seed.grwi.io, provided by Blockchain Financial.

  • We replaced logos and added other infos.

    The wallet now has the same logo on our websites. We also added some links in the "about" dialog back to our websites.

    The new look
    The "about" dialog

  • New packages, all of them fully tested.

    Our previous release included packages for Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi.

    This release doesn't have the Raspberry Pi build, but has something no other cryptocurrency offered up to date: daemons for Windows and Mac!

    As you can see on the list above, four graphical wallets are available:
      • One for 32-bit Windows, compatible with 64-bit CPUs,
      • One for 64-bit Macs, compatible with MacOS Catalina,
      • One for 64-bit Linux, and one for 32-bit Linux.

    The Windows wallet
    The Mac wallet
    The Ubuntu wallet

    You can also see there are 5 daemon builds for servers:
    • A new build for Windows! This daemon comes with two helper scripts that are mentioned in the building documentation.
    • A new build for MacOS! This daemon will be useful if you want to put it on a headless Mac server.
    • Two builds for up-to-date Unix/Linux systems: one for 64-bit servers and another for 32-bit servers.
    • Two builds for outdated Unix/Linux systems: only for 64-bit CPUs.

    You'll find full information about these builds on the Wallet downloads page.

And there's more!

The source code of the wallet suffered a lot of changes, but that wont be seen by everyone. Just take a look a the Growers Github repo and you'll see what we're talking about.

If you're a developer, you're going to appreciate our guides for building the Qt wallets. We went through a lot of problems in our attempt to recompile after the changes, but we documented every step and wrapped them all together. You can even apply the same steps to other altcoins, and that'll be our biggest contribution to the cryptocurrencies world.

We don't stop here.

There's a lot of work to be done, and we are working at full throttle.

If you want to try the new wallets, get them from the downloads page.

If you want to contact us and ask us for help, send us a message using our contact page or any of our social channels.


Happy holidays,
The Growers International team.

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