Growers International Midsummer Update

Growers International Midsummer Update

Business Registration and Incorporation (Business Development Cycle):

To all our supporters, thank you for all of your time and patience as we build Growers International together from the ground up. We have recently entered a relationship with Yeh Law Group ( to represent us as we incorporate Growers International and establish our first physical retail location, G.I.Smoke. Based out of Taipei, Yeh Law Group specializes in National & Foreign Law as well as International Legal Affairs. They’ve been an absolute pleasure working with and great progress has already been made. Please keep in mind the none of the PCA funds will be used to incorporate the company, or pay for anything related to the law group of the retail store. 100% of the PCA funds remain completely in-tact and will remain so until all legal matters are taken care of and we have the clear from our lawyers. All current funding for Growers International (GRWI) including coin creation, exchange listings, nodes, sites, press, development, apps, and everything mentioned above and below has come directly from the personal funds of myself – Ryan Wright.

  • The Growers International incorporation paperwork has already been filed through Yeh Law Group. Without setbacks, incorporation should be official within 60 days. Images from the filing will be posted on our website soon.
  • This incorporation allows GRWI to become a tax paying business entity when it comes to selling goods on our website ( and in physical retail establishments. We no longer need to act as a 3rd party when selling goods and we can process and pay taxes on the goods ourselves. This means accepting VISA, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, EasyCard, Bitcoin, GRWI, MOTA, DopeCoin, Etc. as a form of Payment. Furthermore, it allows us an easier path when it comes to making business deals with other grow companies and producers in our industry. We are no longer just a coin project, we are now operating through a registered international business entity registered as ‘Growers International’ – Trademarked and certified. This is a first step in establishing retail space in crypto & cannabis friendly territories.
  • We have already acquired a physical location near Taipei for the world’s first retail cannabis culture and cryptocentric storefront business. This business will be registered as G.I.Smoke and will exist under the Growers International incorporation. Along with our trademark, we can begin to sell our own products with our own branding as well. G.I.Smoke will sell smoking accessories, CBD vape, cannabis culture clothing, crypto culture clothing, VR accessories, and offer grow consulting along with access to entire catalog at Of course, owning GRWI will allow for membership discounts across the board. Details on crypto integration are still being worked out with our Law Group, but it will surely be an integral part of the business. We will post all details as soon as they are made available.
  • We have to wait from the trademark paperwork to filed before revealing the new logo. If you’re a fan of the old logo, be delighted to know that the new design is similar but also better suited for our industry.

Crypto Cannabis Coalition:

  • We’ve recently partnered with MotaCoin, Maryjane Coin, & Dopecoin to co-create the Crypto Cannabis Coalition. This is a group of crypto-cannabis oriented lead developers and industry advocates. We are now reaching out to other cannabis coin devs who would like to collaborate with like-minded industry leaders. The goal is to join forces and work together to usher in the new crypto-cannabis industry.

Paragon Coin Partnership?:

  • Due to radio silence from the Paragon team since we made our original partnership announcement, we are now considering the partnership null and void until further notice. If we begin talks again in the future, we will notify the community first and foremost.

Coin Swap:

Earlier this year we announced that we would be forking the coin to the Ethereum platform. In fact, this has been a goal for Growers International since its inception. The primary reason for the swap would be so that we can utilize certain features ERC-20 offers in order to create our dApps (Seed to Sale). Since our last update, we have been getting a lot of feedback from our community. The feedback can be boiled down into 2 main points:


  • Ethereum tokens rely completely on the Ethereum network and switching over would void our current blockchain. Many users are very fond of our current chain which is stable and unique. We agree that having our own chain is also important and valued.
  • Ethereum has some serious drawbacks when it comes to privacy. Due to the nature of our industry, many users of GRWI still prefer to use a coin that is as anonymous as possible. Currently, our blockchain is not very anonymous as it was built upon the Blackcoin original source. That being said, Ethereum has shown no true intention of taking the path toward privacy. Because of this, we have also entertained the idea of creating our own privacy solutions for our current chain.

So what is the best balance for our users? We are currently investigating different scenarios and we may end up with something that takes two avenues. The current GRWI coin can stay in-tact as a decentralized holder of value while we attempt to add more privacy and anonymity to the chain. Next to that, we can have a centralized utility token (eGRWI) that we hold as a company and issue to those who wish to use our dApps. These tokens would need to be purchased with GRWI coin itself in order to function. These concepts are still in the early stages and are subject to change. Every move and decision made with our chain is extremely important and nothing will be rushed. We’ve been listening to your concerns and the voice of our supporters is paramount to us.


We do realize there are still a few bugs with Our last paid developer did incomplete work and we are now hiring to continue development of the site. The login bugs should be fixed swiftly and more site advancements will come upon hiring the new team member.



Now Hiring:


WordPress / Javascript: Looking for a passionate and dedicated wordpress and javascript developer who is willing to take on large projects and help develop innovative concepts and ideas in a budding industry.

Mobile App Developers: We are looking for a mobile app developer who not only has experience with mobile crypto wallets, but also the ability to create an app that includes the tools and products available from

Unity3D (VR / AR) Developers: We are currently working with 未來視界 VR (Future City VR) to create a growing simulation and consultation utility for growers. We are looking to hire individuals to help produce concepts and compile grow techniques / knowledge for Future City.

G.I. Smoke: Hiring for the G.I.Smoke retail location in Taiwan. Must be familiar with cannabis culture and be bilingual (Traditional Chinese & English). Open daily from 11am – 9pm. We are aiming to have doors open for business in mid to late August.


As always you can come talk to us about anything and everything over in our Discord and Telegram channels.

Discord Channel:
Telegram Channel:


A very special thanks:

Stay tuned for the new logo and images from our incorporation filing coming later this week. As always, your support of the project is what keeps the wheels turning. The future is very bright for GRWI.

– Ryan Wright
CEO of Growers International

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