GRWI Milestone Update

Autumn 2018


Our previous midsummer update is largely on track and we have some interesting additions and a few changes to note in our Autumn milestone update. They key information is listed below:



Code Fixes & Security:  Our website has recently gone through an entire back-end overhaul due to needing high levels of security for user protection and support for our updates. The previous version of our website was incomplete and vulnerable to attack and suffered from slow load times.  All of this has been analyzed in depth and many fixes and upgrades were implemented. The main issues have now been completely rectified. Behind the scenes, almost the entire back-end of the website had to be rewritten. During these fixes, we’ve also incorporated code to support our partnership with Blockchain Financial; this enables us to be 100% compatible with their software tool set.

Blockchain Financial:  BCF is a set of blockchain-related services for commercial and personal use.  One of those services gives us access to their secure server cluster, thus enabling our users to store coins on the cloud and use them to unlock our utilities. It’s an entire platform designed to enable coin utility access across any device, mobile or otherwise. Their cloud wallet will also allow our users to send coins to one another more easily.  For example, this is the service we are currently using to accept GRWI from members who are interested in purchasing grow supplies. BCF allows all that and is completely free to use by our members without any additional coin fees. We are very happy to be partners with them.

Content:  We are now working to add more content and functionality to the site.  It is now much easier for users to find information on GRWI. now has a clean direct path for downloading the wallet, checking updates and social media, as well as the new profile and account system.  Easier login mechanics are also in the works, we want users to be able to access their accounts by logging in from Facebook or Twitter seamlessly. The website needs more content all around and this will be a focus for us as we head into winter.  News, QA and the GRWI Grow Trader (defined below) are all on the horizon. Expect us to hit most of our roadmap items right on schedule. Some items may need a little more time for quality assurance, nothing more than a month or two beyond posted date.

Web wallet & Tipping: Online storage of coins will be soon be available through using API linkage with the Blockchain Financial tool set.  This will also allow users to have access to the Grow Trader bot as well as being usable to purchase grow supplies at directly with our cryptocurrency.  Users will soon be able to easily tip each other through the website using their usernames, share trading analysis ideas and we will continue to work toward integration with our Discord and Telegram channels as well.


GRWI:  Grow Trader Details:

Grow Trader is going to take shape as a web-based tool through and will also mark the release of our primary mobile app.  The mobile app will contain all resources from as well as formatted access to Grow Trader tools. What is Grow Trader? It is a professional trading tool that aims to support the Cannabis Crypto markets.  We want to build a tool that brings together all cannabis crypto coin communities, and supplies a viable utility for holding GRWI. All Grow Trader users who want to trade other cannabis crypto coins will need to hold substantially less GRWI than those who want to use the app for all other cryptocurrencies.  Grow Trader was previously named ‘MegaBot’. The new name was chosen to better represent the utility of the project as a whole.


Key Features, Security and Usability:

  • API based trading platform securely linked with the Cryptopia Exchange.  This is our home exchange and the primary exchange in the initial release.  Future versions will contain other exchanges that also support a secure API.
  • Linking more exchanges will enable us to experiment with arbitrage functionality.
  • Users will be required to hold GRWI in their BCF accounts to activate bot use.  This will be available in at least 3 tiers.
  • The trading utility will be hosted on and will utilize the Cordova engine with Bardcanvas as a back end.
  • We plan for the app to be conveniently available through the official mobile app stores.
  • Using bardcanvas as a back end will serve as a form of load-balancing as it will allow us to unload the user tasks and safeguard us from overwhelming the main site (
  • The trading platform is being built around our upcoming mobile app.
  • Unified login for all tools.
  • Live wallet totals provided from BCF.
  • In-app live ticker for all Cannabis Coins.
  • Easy layout and access to GRWI resources, news and info.
  • Formatted specifically for phones, tablets and web browsers.
  • Exclusive VIP section for top leaderboard coin holders.  Restricted access.
  • All user details will be completely encrypted locally before being saved to the database.
  • Grow Trader Tools Include:
    • Mobile Buy / Sell
    • Volume
    • Over / Under
    • Dust
    • Timed Buys
    • Timed Sells
    • Interactive Fields
    • Auto Refresh Order-books
    • User History / Open Orders
    • Arbitrage (VIP only)
    • Live chart data / Calculators


Development is well underway and some of the layout work is already complete.  Screenshots and live test video will be uploaded in the next few months after we implement the user GUI.  We will keep you posted with further development milestones.



Ethereum Token:

Due to the website fixes which were urgent to remedy, we’ve had to briefly preempt the release of our ERC20 token.  All of the code is already in place; we are now focusing on proper implementation and testing at this point. Once we are confident, we can enable swap tools to our users and begin testing our Seed to Sale and Strain Chain utilities.  Minus this slight but necessary variance, are mostly on track with the previously released roadmap. There have been just a few minor side steps in regards to the website and general development. Now that we have new very qualified people in-place who are working smart and hard, we can expect to see accelerated progress with the ERC20 release.  We aim for a December 2018 release window.


GrowSim Progress and Releases:

Our Grow Sim is now being led by a very strong software developer with several top tier games under his belt.  He has decided to stay anonymous for the time being but will soon release his identity. Below are some screenshots of the progress and we will be releasing a teaser video of the gameplay in the near future.  Be on the lookout for upcoming news and updates posted to our site detailing some of the gameplay mechanics and features in the GRWI Grow Sim such as:


  • Full viewing ability with head movement.
  • Move anywhere in your garden with cursor placement.
  • Plant your own seeds and watch them grow.
  • Manipulate your plants in 3D space.
  • Harvest and collect your finest buds.
  • Sell your product and improve your grow.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Environments.
  • Progress through the Grow Ranks.
  • Much more…


Early alpha screenshots:

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