Bootstrap file now available for quicker wallet syncing

We’ve created a bootstrap file for our new users who want to experience a quicker wallet sync. Here are the instructions to get the wallet syncing quickly.

1. The first step is to always have a backup of your wallet.dat file. Have a copy of wallet.dat file in two or more locations. If your wallet is new or empty then this step is not required. Once backup is done exit the wallet.

2. Now download the bootstrap zip folder linked below.

3. Once the .zip file is downloaded, unzip it where you’ll find a set of wallet files.

4. Copy all of these files and move them to your wallet core folder. GrowersCoin (GRWI) wallet maintains its core files at the following location.

Windows: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\growers

Mac OS: ~/Library/Application Support/growers

Linux: ~/.growers

Download the GRWI bootstrap file here for quicker syncing:
Updated: 4/20/2019

Again, always make sure to back up your wallet.dat file before anything else.

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